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Offering a variety of quality brands and designer styles, Zusman Eye Care Center can manage the health of your eyes as well as expertly fit you with glasses or contact lenses. Styles exist for all age groups, sports, prescriptions and price ranges. Our distinctive... Read More

When should you see an eye doctor (Ophthalmologist)?

When you should see your eye doctor (Ophthalmologist) The frequency of performing eye screening exams depends on the patient’s age and risk of having an eye disorder. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends the following guidelines: Before age 5: Toddlers... Read More

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“No Needle / No Stitch / No Patch”Cataract Surgery This is a true innovation in cataract surgery and safer than other conventional methods. Dr. Daniel Solano joins a select group of prominent surgeons in the U.S. by offering a clear corneal incision, with TOPICAL... Read More